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Introduction - Innovation with a difference

Mobile Custom Units are units produced according to client needs and specifications, whether it be mobile offices, mobile clinics, catering units, mobile - accommodation, contractor, consultation, production or research units and just about anything else that can benefit from working where a permanent base can't be justified.

Mostly clients will give us a big idea of all the components they might need inside a mobile unit. We also need to know what the general purpose of the mobile unit will be and how many people will utilize or occupy the unit, and where. We then work on a final design and refine it to the version that meets the client's needs. Once approved, units are ordered and customized according to specifications.

Why mobile custom units?

An increase in requests by various businesses called for the production of a new range of innovative mobile solutions. The mobile units designed by Mobile Customs, individually customised for businesses in various industries, can be manufactured in the form of mobile offices, clinics, accommodation, production, research, catering units and just about anything else that can benefit from working where a permanent base can't be justified. The mobile solutions by Mobile Customs allow for commercial service sectors to reach out to where needed, in both cities and rural areas.

Furthermore we focus on customized solutions for businesses in a variety of industries as well as for specialized individual applications, e.g. wheelchair bound individuals customizing their caravans with proper access and wheelchair friendly layouts.

Each Mobile Custom Unit can be fully equipped with various appliances, spaces, power supply and facilities to suit each mobile solution. Mobile Custom Units are truly an innovation with a difference, and is yet another initiative from Mobile Customs to produce unmatched quality results.

Mobile Customs in conjunction with the primary manufacturer of caravans in Africa gives additional credibility to the product, its application, quality and purpose.

Our Custom products can be exported to countries all over the African continent and other parts of the world. Due to the various applications of Mobile Custom Units, these different countries and their respective organizations and businesses benefit form the mobile applications of these customized units, especially when they need to reach people, businesses or communities in the remote areas.

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